You have hardware, but you lack a system that really gets you further. This can be for either your cyclical and/or integrated inventories. Then the StockTrace software is your solution. StockTrace will support you to execute a stocktaking fast, reliable and with full control. The inventory software will be made available on your own hardware. You can then determine how often and when you want to count. We provide support.

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With this option, we first determine the method of work, we make the application available on your hardware and determine the exchange of information. It is important to know how you determine what and when products should be counted. We have some standard options, but you can also determine it fully yourself. As soon as all conditions are set up, you can use StockTrace as often as you want.

Employee is counting the inventory of a store using the Stocktrace inventory software

How does it work?

In general the process at our customers when using StockTrace is as follows:

  1. StockTrace is made available on your hardware, you decide when and how often you use the system.
  2. Prior to the first count, we determine the method and how information should be exchanged. With cyclical inventories, it is important in this step, among other things, to agree on how to determine what will be counted.
  3. StockTrace is adjusted to the desired count and control procedure. The reports are also set up and the information exchange is determined with your systems.
  4. You log in to our inventory software. On forehand it is determined what each person can see when logging in based on their role and the shop.
  5. The software then guides you through the preparation steps. This is a simple process, suitable for people who only do this once a year. With more frequent use, steps can be skipped.
  6. The count starts. The head office can see the progress and the results at all times. We are available if support is needed.
  7. The system tells you which steps are needed to complete the inventory properly. For example, the system marks locations for checking on the basis of high value or numbers or because odd results have occured.
  8. As soon as all steps, that have been determined together and are enforced by StockTrace, have been completed, the count is complete.
  9. With one push of a button you have your reports and the stock is updated.

Show, don’t tell 

What works better than text and/or a video of our solution, that is, of course, seeing the system live. Are you curious how the system works in practice? Then contact us for a demo to see how StockTrace can be used for you. Experience tells us that seeing StockTrace live help to see the real power much better.