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You would like to increase stock accuracy and reduce the costs of stocktaking, but you have no or not enough hardware? In that case the software and hardware option of StockTrace is the solution for you annual and/or cyclical stocktakings. You can choose to use the scanners and tablets of us for your projects or to buy these. In the first case you can choose if we need to organize transport of the hardware to and from each project, or if you want to do it yourself. Depending on your coverage and own logistics  we can determine what the best way to is to deliver the hardware on time. In this way you can receive enough scanners and tablets for peak moment, but you don’t need to invest in new hardware for just a few times a year.

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First step

Most important is to determine how StockTrace should function and what the planning of logistics is. Before we start counting, together we design the method in order to fit it with your current processes and to use the full potential of StockTrace. Your wishes and our experience helps you to use StockTrace optimally for efficiency and reliability. After the method is known, we determine how the hardware arrives at the right places at the right times. This way your inventory can only go well.

Employee is counting the inventory of a store using the Stocktrace inventory software

How does it work?

  1. You provide the planning and determine the necessary hardware or we support you in making the planning
  2. Subsequently, a logistical planning will be made, in which it is stated where which hardware has to be when and how it gets there. Transport can be arranged by us or by you.
  3. StockTrace is adjusted to the desired count and control procedure. The reports are also set up and the information exchange is determined with your systems.
  4. The hardware comes in for the count (depending on the time of the count, this is 1 or 2 days before).
  5. You log in to our inventory software. On forehand it is determined what each person can see when logging in based on their role and the shop.
  6. The software then guides you through the preparation steps. This is a simple process, suitable for people who only do this once a year. With more frequent use, steps can be skipped.
  7. The count starts. The head office can see the progress and the results at all times. We are available if support is needed.
  8. The system tells you which steps are needed to complete the inventory properly. For example, the system marks locations for checking on the basis of high value or numbers or because strange counts have taken place.
  9. As soon as all steps, that have been determined together and are enforced by StockTrace, have been completed, the count is complete.
  10. With one push of a button you have your reports and the stock is updated.
  11. You collect the hardware and prepare it for transport to the next inventory.